Team Bryant partners with a select group of charities who fit with Jo’s legacy ambitions. We work with these charities to fund projects that target young people suffering from cancer and offer support via nutritional advice, peer group counselling, holistic cancer care, complementary therapies and other similar ways of providing comfort.

Over £95,000 has been distributed so far to these charities in 2014 and 2015.

Below you can find more details of the charities that we work with and the projects that we have funded/are funding. Money raised for Team Bryant will go into a central pot and the committee will then decide on the charities and projects most fitting with our aims on a regular basis and publish details here.

If you know of a charity / project that you think might be a good fit please do get in touch at

Maggie’s – £28,000

Maggie’s is a nationwide charity that grew from one woman’s personal experience of cancer and her wish to make it a better journey for others. Maggie’s have 13 purpose-built cancer care centres across the UK, located next to major cancer treatment hospitals. All centres’ are staffed by cancer care professionals and include a centre head, psychologists, nutritionists and benefits advisor. All activities are delivered free of charge and they receive no NHS or government funding. Staff are trained to help people find their own ways of coping with the disease and support can include one-to-one and group counseling, stress management, relaxation classes, clear information on treatment and managing side effects, nutrition advice and peer support groups which bring together people with a particular form of cancer or a shared situation (e.g. young people with cancer).

Money given to Maggie’s by Team Bryant in 2014 funded the Young Women’s Support Group at the London centre for a period of 1 year. Maggie’s in London has a critical mass of young women facing the challenges of cancer diagnosis and in response to this have set up weekly, facilitated meeting when young women can get together, share experiences and advice, look at treatment options and break down feelings of isolation.

In 2015 we are funding Maggie’s ‘Where Now?’ courses at 4 of their UK centres (West London, Nottingham, Newcastle & Swansea). ‘Where Now?’ is a 7 week course that runs 6 times per year in each centre for anyone who has finished their cancer treatment, as well as their friends and family. It offers skills and techniques to support people through this transition period and beyond.

Penny Brohn Cancer Care – £20,027

Penny Brohn Cancer Care help people to live well with the impact of cancer. The way in which they help people is known as the Penny Brohn Whole Person Approach. They aim to support men and women affected by cancer at any stage of their illness, as well as their supporters, using a unique combination of physical, emotional and spiritual support.

Money given to Penny Brohn by Team Bryant in 2014 funded three Living Well 3 day residential courses and Follow Up services in London. This enabled 36 people with cancer and their supporters to manage the impact of cancer and its long term consequences, significantly improving their wellbeing and quality of life.

In 2015 we are funding a further Living Well course in London as well as a Health & Wellbeing Clinic, also in London. The Health & Wellbeing Clinic is a 1/2 day service designed to be delivered in the local community for 20-60 participants. It covers the same core advice as the Living Well course, including physical activity, eating well, relaxation techniques, managing emotions and support to relationships.

Shine Cancer Support – £17,000

Shine’s vision is that every adult in the UK diagnosed with cancer in their 20s, 30s or 40s can access the help and support that they need in a way that suits their lifestyle, and are part of a confident, supportive and empowered community of young adults with cancer. Their mission is to provide tailored information and peer support through a range of activities including lunches and drinks evenings, beach walks, multi-day getaways, workshops, online networking and mentoring.

Money given to Shine Cancer Support by Team Bryant in 2014 went towards the 2014 and 2015 ‘Shine Escapes’. Shine Escapes are multi-day events, where 25 young adults affected by cancer come together for three days/two nights. They will benefit from facilitated peer support, information sessions and workshops covering areas of unmet need. Typical topics include: anxiety & depression, fertility, work, finance (incl insurance), exercise & nutrition, a relaxation marketplace (with free treatments), reflection sessions and facilitated discussions on life with an incurable cancer. Escapes are provided free of charge. Food and accommodation are provided but attendees must pay their travel costs and for any additional items.

In 2015 we will be funding two ‘Shine Workshops’, these 1 day workshops help the charity to expand into other parts of the UK and will take place in the Midlands and in Manchester. The workshops address living with cancer as a young adult and cover topics such as fatigue, relationships and living with uncertainty. Approximately 30 people will be able to take part in each workshop and our funding covers the entire cost of holding these events.

Sarcoma UK – £10,000

Jo was passionate about raising awareness of Sarcoma and funding further research into its treatment. Research into the causes and prevention of cancer is key – if cures could be found there wouldn’t be a need for treatment and early diagnosis massively improves an individual’s chance of survival. In 2014 we donated £10,000 to Sarcoma UK to continue Jo’s work.

Research is an important factor in the fight against cancer. Research into the causes and prevention of cancer is key – if cures could be found there wouldn’t be a need for treatment and early diagnosis massively improves an individual’s chance of survival. Jo was very focused on promoting awareness of cardiac sarcoma and therefore getting early diagnosis and treatment.

Yes to Life – £9,997

Yes To Life’s mission is to help to make integrative medicine available to everyone in the UK. They aim to change culture and attitude to make integrative cancer care an approach which utilises and combines the best of both orthodox and complementary medicines readily available throughout the UK. They provide a point of contact for support as well as information on integrative medicine, practitioners and suppliers. Ultimately they offer to support people with cancer who want to take a proactive role in their treatment and help to open up choices and support people in finding a way that is right for them.

Money given to Yes to Life by Team Bryant funded 100 initial sessions with Patricia at Cancer Options. Cancer Options is a private, cancer consultancy where you can obtain consultancy, research and coaching for all different cancer treatments and therapies. They are committed to helping their clients make confident, informed choices about their cancer care. Our funds were be ring-fenced to pay for sessions for younger people.

We have also donated money to help support their ‘Cooks for Cancer’ workshops, In 2014 we donated £525 so that every participant in the course got to take home a mini food chopper to help them put what they learnt into practice. In 2015 we have donated £1,452 to cover the entire cost of 3 of these course…one run in Brighton, one in London and one in Manchester.

Willow Foundation – £5,600

Willow Foundation is a new charity partner for 2015. Willow is the only national charity working with seriously ill young adults aged 16 to 40 to fulfil uplifting and unforgettable Special Days. These Special Days enable them and their families to reconnect and refocus on each other while enjoying an activity of their choosing. A day for them, a day about them and a day that will create memories they will all treasure forever.

Willow’s aim is to offer a Special Day to every seriously ill young adult in the UK.  By the end of 2015 Willow aims to have provided almost 12,000 Special Days for young adults diagnosed with a life-threatening condition such as cancer, motor neurone disease, cystic fibrosis and Huntington’s disease.

In honour of our sports mad Jo, money donated by Team Bryant will provide a number of beneficiaries with cancer to experience their very own sport themed Special Day.

Holly Eatwell Trust – £5,000

Holly Eatwell Trust is a charity that offers help and support to young people with cancer. They aim to help everyone get access to reliable information on integrative treatment options and also provide grants which contribute to the cost of chosen treatments.

They help cancer sufferers by…
1) Paying for an initial consultation with Patricia at Cancer Options
2) Providing home delivery of organic vegetable boxes to help cancer sufferers with the nutrition element
3) Lend out juicers to also help with this
4) Provide small grants (£100) to help with costs.

Money given to Holly Eatwell Trust by Team Bryant in 2014 helped them to meet their annual fundraising target and took the pressure off of them so that they could focus their efforts on helping individuals. It will also helped them to increase their network through getting a part-time person more involved.